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Breast cancer patient fights back and makes medical history – now she is helping others to “fight their fight”

Jeanette Earle 62 year old Wife and Mother was diagnosed with a Triple Negative Breast Cancer & given a 30% chance of survival, Now surpassed Doctors expectations and making Medical History

After a regular Breast Examination, Jeanette Earle was faced with every woman’s worst nightmare of being told, we have found lumps and we need to have them checked. The nightmare was escalated on return of the results- “Sorry Jeanette You have Breast Cancer It is aggressive and we need act now”.
Jeanette undertook intensive Chemotherapy.

Following chemotherapy she then had breast surgery, and Radiation. She suffered profusely as most patients do.
She lost her hair, fingernails, toenails, feelings in her fingers and feet, and suffered severe burns, nerve pain and numbness which is called ‘Neuropathy’. She also had severe pain and discomfort from mouth and throat ulcers from the chemo. This stopped her eating for 8 weeks, and hence gave her dramatic weight loss of 22 kgs. From this rapid weight loss, the breakdown of her entire immune system and an adverse reaction to Chemotherapy, Jeanette was admitted to hospital only hours away of her body completely shutting down. If she wasn’t admitted to hospital at that time, a few hours would have changed the victory story she now has
Jeanette found when she lost her hair apart from being Emotionally painful (as it is to all who endure it) she also found PHYSICALLY it was one of the most painful things she had ever had to deal with.

So with prior preparation to her Chemotherapy she invested a lot of money in a wig, which in turn was too painful and too uncomfortable to wear (and a massive investment-which sometimes is not financially viable to all, especially when Cancer Treatments themselves put a great strain on a family budget)
Jeanette knew she was fighting the fight of her life, but her love of life and not being ready to give up gave her determination.
She chose that COLOURS would make her feel better and fight better.

So with her attention to detail she compiled her own HERO OUTFIT, which consisted of Soft but Colourful Headwear, Accompanied with an assortment of flowers, Scarves and her own feelings.

She addressed what happened when she wore a certain colour.

She realised that even though it’s not a scientifically proven fact-she profusely believes that “Colour would give her a MOOD, and a MOOD is what gave her the fight”.

As of May 2016 Jeanette is fully recovered and amazed her Doctors beyond belief.
Thankful for her recovery and new lease on life, Jeanette is determined to “Give Back” but also help INSPIRE others to find their “inner strength” to “fight their fight”.

So she has packaged her HERO Outfits into 4 Mood Boxes to help any person that needs some brightness and hope in their day, and as a way to give back to the charities to aid the sufferers who so desperately need it

From her Inspirational Recovery, her company “InnerSpiratio” was born, which means ‘Your Breath of Life’

InnerSpiratio will be launching their Hero Mood Boxes on Friday 26Th August at The Space Art Gallery at 55 Hunter Street Sydney, with the Cancer Council and with many artists who have been driven by “A Yellow Board” competition honouring those in their cancer fight. So in honour of the Cancer Council and daffodil day, we will be hosting “ The Biggest Cocktail Party”

Jeanette will be delivering her story and message of Inspiration for anyone needing someone to aspire to.

10% of Retail Monies taken on every box will be donated to 3 charities, and the company is already in production to include 4 extra charities at quarterly increments throughout the year.

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