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Welcome to the future. No longer are the mindless doodles and scribblings of a genius in the making to be forever lost to the waste paper bin, forever now can the emotional poems of a teenage goth be preserved for embarrassment later on in life. Tired of that disappointed look from your child when they ask you where that picture they drew for you has gone? Get ready for never losing your kids drawings and precious memories again, all your fantastical imaginations can now be preserved and saved into digital format and uploaded to the cloud for all eternity.

This is the future, this is now, these are the new Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio smartpads which allow users to turn their handwritten notes or sketches into digital files with a simple push of a button. That’s right, no more tireless rewriting of ineligible notes, no more will the kids you wish were doing better at school be able to blame lost notes as the reason for poor performance, now you can save your notes direct to phones for easy and immediate recall. In a meeting and a few ideas pop to mind? Or on the train and an award winning business idea pops into your head, no longer will that idea remain a dream that you forgot, you can now save that thought, that joke, that Oscar winning screenplay idea to the cloud and your phone can show it to you over and over again.

The use of Wacom’s Inkspace app and other integrated cloud services, offer easy editing and access from anywhere across the globe. Inkspace is the central hub for all digital ink files in the Wacom cloud providing a search function, helping users to manage their handwritten notes.

They’re ideal for note takers and idea creators – whether it’s the business traveller that needs a professional notepad to capture and organise meeting notes and ideas, students that jot down and pack their notes from class to study sessions to home, or teachers that need to record and protect their valuable lesson plans.

The Bamboo smartpads provide peace of mind so you never have to worry about losing a good idea again. Store and organise notes in Wacom Inkspace or easily add them to DropBox, Evernote or OneNote from a smartphone. Files can also be saved locally (up to 100 pages) on both Bamboo Folio and Slate.

Once handwritten notes are converted to digital files, users can download the Bamboo Paper app to easily highlight notes to review with classmates or add annotations to a presentation. With a paid subscription to Wacom Inkspace Plus, users can also convert images to vector files and collaborate in real-time mode, so friends and colleagues can watch ideas come to life remotely as they are drawn on paper.

Pricing and availability Bamboo Slate and Bamboo Folio are available for purchase at Scorptec AU, Noel Leeming NZ, PB Technologies NZ and online via

Bamboo Slate, small – $189.00 Bamboo Slate, large – $219.00 Bamboo Folio, small – $219.00 Bamboo Folio, large – $289.00

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