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Domino’s app for ordering pizza – with zero clicks, how many more ways to order a pizza do you need, one more it would seem thinks Domino’s.

I don’t know about anyone else but I lose my mind trying to use the online ordering method. What is meant to be a quick and easy way to order turns into half an hour going back and forth refreshing pages, it didn’t add that or this, whats going on now, finding a store near me, I thought you already new that one, where has my pizza gone now? Whats the number I’m calling them.

Domino’s has launched the ultimate app for lazy people and for people with OCD who never change their order, who am I kidding, mega meatlovers please.

To order a pizza you simply launch the app on your phone. No clicks required.

All the customer needs to do is download the app, and connect it to their Domino’s profile. Then they set an “Easy Order” option.

.Domino’s gives you 10 seconds before the order gets placed just in case you have opened the app accidentally.

It’s all part of a process that Domino’s has been going down for a few years. Domino’s is actually a tech company that sells pizzas.

The new app is the latest in a series of innovations that has allowed people to order pizzas using Amazon Echo, Apple’s Siri, emoji on Twitter and Samsung Smart TVs.

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