Electric Energy Dreams


A remarkable electric energy future emerging across Asia is highlighted in a new report released today by The Warren Centre.

The Copper Technology Roadmap 2030 explores the role of technology and changing demographics across Asia and finds substantial trends that Australia should heed to align for growth opportunities.

“With some 210 million people in China and 195 million people in India moving into the middle class, the insatiable demand for energy, services and technology will continue” said Ashley Brinson, Warren Centre Executive Director.

Some key points highlighted in the report are:

· The Asia region will represent 43% of world electricity demand by 2035

· Absolute coal consumption in China has peaked

· Global photo-voltaic (solar) systems will reach 1800 GW by 2030

· By 2030 China will have the world’s largest electric high speed rail network surpassing 44,000km

· Domestic electric buses will surpass 1 million in China by 2013 alone

· Global electric vehicle market penetration could be as high as 50% by 2030

· India announced a target of 100% electric vehicles by 2030 under a self-financed scheme to rapidly address pollution issues.

“This is an exciting time for Australia, but we must recognise that in the Asian economy our ability to influence mega-trends in technology and renewable energy are limited.”

“Australia is in the box seat to provide resources, technology, education and services to support this growing demand. With greater investment aligned to serve sustainable technologies such as solar energy and electric vehicles in the next 15 years, we see continued growth in copper demand, and we believe Australia is well poised to play a pivotal role in Asia’s new climate-conscious agenda,” said Ashley

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