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Marketing Professional and host of the Australian Quick Marketing Trick™ Podcast , Chris Godfrey told me in our interview..

“Yes the changes to the Facebook feed that were just announced are true, however, there’s more to it.”

If you advertise your business on Facebook, or if you’re thinking about it, the changes that Mark Zuckerberg announced on January 12th, 2018 will have some impact (but non-life changing) to the amount of people who see your posts from your Business fan page.

“Our company runs anywhere from $10,000 – $100,000 a week on Facebook Ads, and AFTER these changes, we’re STILL not about to reduce our ad budgets”, Chris added.

Chris explained to me what these new changes mean, when the personal user opens their smartphone and scrolls through their feed they will see MORE posts from their friends and LESS posts and updates from the businesses who they like and follow on Facebook.

As Facebook reported, these changes to the way their newsfeed operates is designed to give people more of  that they want to see when opening their Facebook app.

“In reality, if you’ve been relying on Facebook to automatically show your business updates to your fans and followers over the last 2 years, you’ve ONLY been getting 8-11% of eyeballs anyway.” Chris said.

Chris Godfrey, host of the Quick Marketing Trick podcast shared his 4 Insights into why he and his company are not worried about the Facebook changes to the newsfeed, they are:

  1. Organic views of business updates posted on Facebook were only seen by 8-11% of business page followers to begin with.
  2. Any business that wants good-to-big results on Facebook, need to pay to advertise their page to their followers and other people in their target market.
  3. Using paid advertising on Facebook is the quickest way to get more sales and grow your business. (don’t rely on “organic” / natural views).
  4. See point 3 above and get better at paid advertising on Facebook.

The changes announced by Facebook just last week (early January, 2018) are due to be rolled out over the following three months.

The average person is unlikely to notice a big change to the way they use and experience Facebook on their smartphones, laptops, tablets (or anywhere!).

If you take on board the points from Chris Godfrey there also seems to be little impact to the way the average business uses Facebook too, assuming they are advertising well.

If you want to learn more about the Facebook changes to the newsfeed and other techniques to advertise on Facebook, Chris Godfrey recommends the countless resources available online, and also his own free podcast the ‘Quick Marketing Trick’, you can access the recent episodes here: https://quickmarketingtrick.com.au

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