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Facebook has done a deal with Nielsen which aims to make advertising on Facebook more like advertising on TV.
Under the new arrangements, video buys on Facebook will now be able to get Nielsen DMA targeting and day parting.
DMA targeting allows marketers to zero in on a specific local television market area.
Day-parting delivers advertisements during specific parts of the day.
This is designed to allow companies to extend TV and video campaigns on Facebook instead of TV.
“The mobile feed has fundamentally changed the way people view and absorb information, and this is especially true with video,” said Matt Idema, VP of monetization product marketing at Facebook.
“For marketers, this shift makes it essential to take new creative considerations into account when designing effective video ads.
“While this work is ongoing, we have seen that when marketers think about the unique characteristics of mobile behaviour, they are able to more effectively connect with their audience.”

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