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Australians spent 552 million hours on Google in 2015.

It seems that people realise that they no longer have to speak to each other to learn anything, they can simply google it.

When Australians aren’t doing anything else, they seem to be spending their time Googling, which roughly translates to most people are just googling porn.

According to Roy Morgan research, 16,903,000 Australians over the age of 14 – that’s close to 74 per cent of the population – visited the Google Search page at least once during an average four week period,

And while 1.9 million also visited Yahoo!7 and Bing, they also visited Google.

It nothing else, the research indicates that Google is stickier.

Google Search visitors averaged a touch over 2.5 hours each on the site in an average four weeks.

According to Roy Morgan, Bing visitors spend almost 24 minutes on that site on average during a four-week period,

‘All up, that produced a combined national time of nearly 10 million hours on Bing last year.

Similarly, Yahoo!7 Search visitors spent only a little over seven minutes on the site each on average

On the other hand, the same people spent an average three hours on Google. Looks like Google wins. People visit other search engines for different reasons however it usually comes back to Google, the all conquering, all hail Google.

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