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Professionals can now access a language instructor online via Zoom and receive high quality language training without sacrificing hours to learn

Now available for professionals wanting to learn an Asian language with an instructor without leaving their office or home. Asian Language School offers online program that enable adult learners to learn Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, or Bahasa in a time-effective manner. Courses are delivered via Zoom, a webinar platform for education, and can be accessed through laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The Mandarin language program, for instance, contain eight levels and each level is completed in ten hours. Using a structured approach, adult learners spend more time learning during their online lessons. The program is ideal for honing adult learners’ speaking and listening skills from the very start.

“It has been a popular belief that adults cannot learn a second language better than children. Studies have shown that adults are actually better than children when it comes to learning vocabularies and adult brain can be retrained to perceive foreign sounds.” said Fini Bahar, director of Asian Language School. “When people missed the opportunity to learn a foreign language at school or did not complete their language study, it’s not the end of the road. Also, adults wanting to master another language for career purposes can be a strong motivational factor in achieving fluency in that language.”

“Because adults have other commitments, such as work and family, it’s not practical to learn using a traditional approach used at school. We want to remove the frustration associated with learning a language as an adult. One is having not enough time to fit it into their schedule. Two is not being able to find a quality language provider that can address their language training needs. We make language learning possible for adults by making the process easier and creating strong relevancy between our teaching materials and our students’ learning needs.”

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