Queenstown Airport WIFI


Thrill seekers passing through Queenstown airport can now enjoy free WiFi at adrenaline inducing speeds thanks to Encapto WiFi and Spark NZ.

Installed at the beginning of June, the WiFi offers users connectivity at up to 16mbps. It is powered by Spark’s fibre internet backhaul which operates at 200MBPS up and down.  In the three months since the installation more than 150,000 users have connected downloading and uploading close to 25 TB of high-speed data.

The Encapto system controls speed and data access for staff and guests, enables the airport to target advertising to users, and directs visitors to relevant airport information.

“Encapto is a feature rich platform which gets the basics right so well.  It’s handling large traffic volumes, provides full reporting, allows us to easily adjust time and download allowances, and we’re only just beginning to understand how we can use this platform to really understand and engage with airport visitors,” said Michael Meloni, Digital Experience Manager at Queenstown Airport.

Features that enable understanding and engagement between network owners and end users are exactly what have made the platform successful according to Darryl Clarke, CEO of Encapto WiFi.

“These days WiFi is about much more than connecting people to the internet,” said Clarke.  “So we offer Location analytics, campaign functionality, surveys at logon, authentication via social media and a lot of other features which can really enhance the visitor-venue relationship.”

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