Robot Concierge for the Elderly


The world population is ageing.

And that means one thing: the number of people looking after the elderly will have to increase. There are estimates the caregiving industry will have to triple its workforce to six million.

To address that problem, robotics company Luvozo has developed SAM, a robotic concierge which will take care of people in nursing homes and take pressure off staff.

SAM is given a daily schedule of tasks.

These include regular check-ins with patients, tele-communication between patients and off-site care professionals via a large screen.

SAM will also provide reminders about meals and activities. It can give the patient news and family updates.

And when it enters someone’s room, it can even make small talk about football, the weather or some such. It is also programmed to ask the person if there is anything they need.

Costing about a quarter of a human nurse, SAM also has a telepresence link to a trained offsite care-worker.

SAM comes with mapping functionality enabling it navigate buildings autonomously.

It can even keep watch for hazards like clutter, spills on the floor, or poor lighting.



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