Securus Global enters online brand protection with the Securus Scorpion Managed Service


Australian developed technology detects non-compliant website branding; identifies brand hijacking for illegal phishing or fraud

Leading Australian security consultancy Securus Global today said it has entered the online brand protection arena with its Australian developed web discovery service, Securus Scorpion Managed Service.

Securus Scorpion is a web discovery service, built in-house by Securus Global security professionals, that searches the internet, generating a report that identifies non-compliant and scam websites.

This then enables the organisation to do three things:  shut down non-compliant sites; take them in-house to bring them into line with corporate guidelines; or alert authorities to illegal phishing websites.  Deltas are derived from scan to scan, allowing the organisation to see which sites have changed, which new sites have been generated, and which have yet to be taken down.

Peter Carr, Chief Executive Officer, Peter Carr Advisory said the bottom line for every company is that digital leadership requires trust through enhanced brand identity management.

“Organisations are now faced with new and increasing demands on managing everything digital – from online service transformation, campaign micro-sites and enhancing customer mobile experiences, to rigorous meta-data management, rationalisation of web domain sprawl and modern edge-based security enablement.

“Despite this elevated level of digital business activity, managing and protecting critical digital assets remains largely an after-thought.  This is where the Securus Scorpion service will prove itself, adding real bottom-line benefits by helping to solve brand security and management problems in the digital age.”

Securus Global Chief Executive Officer, Chris Williams said there are two kinds of websites the Securus Scorpion Managed Service is designed to detect sites carrying non-compliant branding; and sites illegally using an organisation’s brand, such as phishing sites.

“The first application is where websites are spun up by business units within the organisation, or partner marketing campaign micro-sites which may not be compliant with official branding and security guidelines as mandated by the organisation.  The second is phishing websites intended to lure unsuspecting site visitors into providing personal information or financial details.

“In addition, Securus Scorpion is also able to detect whether a website has changed its IP address–but not the content–between scans.”  Scans are generally run once per quarter.

“We’re very proud of this world-leading technology.  Securus Scorpion is a security and marketing tool that delivers enormous benefit to the business community,” Williams said.

“It is designed to save a company potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars by protecting against reputational damage or compliance issues from unauthorised or illegally branded websites.”

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