Volvo’s Garbage Robots


Volvo has developed the ROAR refuse collecting robot.

The Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling (ROAR) project uses a system of drones that locates the various refuse bins in an area.

The robots then move to the pinpointed areas in order to collect those refuse bins and empty them.

The project is a collaboration between the Volvo Group, Chalmers University of Technology, Malardalen University, Penn State University and waste recycling company Renova.

It comes with an aerial drone that lifts off from the garbage truck’s roof to act as a pair of “eyes in the sky” for the ROAR.

That’s designed to tell ROAR where the garbage bins actually are, not just where they’re supposed to be.

The project has many safety features to ensure no one gets hurt.

For example, an emergency button immediately stops the robot if, for example, a child or dog runs in front of it. There is also a camera on the truck that detects if someone comes too close while the bins are being emptied. If this occurs, the process automatically stops.

The truck comes with GPS and numerous other sensors to help it find its target and avoid obstacles along the way.

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