VW Beetle Drop


VW to drop the Beetle in Australia.

Volkswagen is set to drop its signature brand, the WV Beetle, at the end of 2018.

Autoline has claimed on Twitter that the Beetle will not be replaced because sales are slowing and VW needs more SUVs.

It tweeted a photo the Beetle with the caption: “Good bye Beetle. VW to axe its iconic car at end of 2018. Sales are slowing to a trickle and VW needs more CUVs.”

VW Beetle sales have been declining. While the current VW Beetle has been introduced for the 2012 model, it never sold that well. VW has just over 5700 Beetles to the US market, representing a 42 per cent decline in sales.

VW enthusiasts these days are more likely to go for VW’s Golf line of hatchbacks, sporty models of the car.

Utility vehicles are now outselling traditional cars and automakers around the world are eyeing the SUV/CUV market.

It will still be sold overseas however the sales in Australia don’t add up so it’s goodbye, farewell to a classic, unfortunately it didn’t see the same revival as the Mini has in the hearts of consumers.

Worry ye not die hard Beetle fans for VW Australia has said that a limited-run special model will be produced and it will offer some unique equipment and individualised numbering ensuring a suitable send off and departure for this classic motor.

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