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Cameraphone manufacturer OPPO has today announced its new flagship device, the Find X, will be unveiled at the world famous Louvre Museum in Paris on 19th June. A fitting place for the launch of a phone which redefines the art of the smartphone.

The Find series is known for pushing the boundaries of what smartphones are capable of and pioneering new designs. The much anticipated Find X looks to continue this trend. With the launch being held at the Louvre Museum, it is expected to not only bring new smartphone technology to the fore but also be at the forefront of smartphone aesthetics.

“We are really looking forward to bringing the latest device in the Find series to Australia. The Find X will go beyond the normal features offered on the market and deliver a whole new experience to customers, incorporating OPPO innovations and design concepts into the device,” said Michael Tran, Executive Director at OPPO.

“As always, OPPO will ensure the device offers customers amazing value, in addition to the flagship features. Our previous Find devices have been well received by savvy Aussies looking for the latest in smartphone technology and we expect the Find X will take the series to the next level.”

The Find series has always been at the forefront of smartphone innovation since the first device, the Find X903, was released in June 2011. From the first unique side-sliding qwerty keyboard design, to the thinnest body to the highest-definition screen and fastest charging technology, the OPPO Find series has ignited the public’s imagination time and time again.

A look back at OPPO’s Find Series over the years

OPPO Finder, 6.65mm
In 2012, the smartphone market was inundated with thick, heavy products. OPPO took the lead and released the ultra-thin flagship Finder. With a body of 6.65 mm, this product was the thinnest in the world at the time. Meanwhile, the OPPO Finder creatively applied a double-layer saber-class stainless steel frame for a sturdy body.

• The thinnest body around the world, only 6.65 mm thick
• Stainless steel frame structure comparable to a Swiss army knife
• Super AMLOED Plus screen of 4.3 inches

OPPO Find 5, 1080P, a New Era of HD Display
After renewing the public’s understanding of smartphone design, OPPO again focused on the innovation of screen technology. While mainstream flagships were using standard 720P display screens, OPPO released the revolutionary flagship Find 5. With a beautiful 1080P resolution screen and design concept of ‘Screen-off Aesthetics’, Find 5 proved to be a revolutionary viewing experience. Furthermore, with the stunning design and strong performance, Find 5 won many awards such as the “best buy recommendations” of PC magazine and “IF Product Design Award”.

• China’s first 1080P screen
• Design concept of ‘Screen-off Aesthetics’
• 13MP HD camera

OPPO Find 7, 5 Minutes Charging for 2 Hours of Phone Calls
With the increasingly powerful performance of mobile phones, the industry faced the issue of high power consumption and slow charging. However, OPPO tapped into the latest technology to lead the industry once again. In 2014, the company released the Find 7, bringing forth the fastest charging technology – VOOC flash charging.

Compared with the commonly applied charging solutions, VOOC flash charging technology significantly reduced charging times and achieved the goal of “charging for 5 minutes, talking for 2 hours”. To date, VOOC flash charging technology has served more than 100 million users worldwide, with the number still rising.

• VOOC flash charging
• The world’s first 2K mobile phone screen
• Skyline Notification – an aesthetically pleasing blue oscillating LED notification light

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