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Zuckerberg’s focus on chatbots.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has outlined his vision of how people will interact in the near future.
Speaking at the company’s annual F8 developer conference, Zuckerberg talked about users chatting with artificially intelligent bots on Facebook’s Messenger.
These bots would also work as customer service reps for news, weather and retail companies.
He said the bots would work better than using specialised apps or making phone calls.
The chatbot is basically software powered by artificial intelligence designed to perform simple tasks: compose an email and book travel plans.

Zuckerberg said businesses should build their own bots for Messenger, which has more than 900 million users.
He said bots would replace downloading individual apps on phones.


Facebook’s head of Messenger David Marcus maintains that the artificial intelligence powered bots will create new businesses, very much in the same way that apps created businesses like Uber.
“Traditionally in history when things become a lot easier for people, then it transformed industries,’’ Marcus told the Financial Times. “Maybe what we’re starting to build today will enable companies to build experiences of tomorrow that are a ,lot easier to use.”
Clearly Zuckerberg’s strategy aims to increase the size of Facebook Messenger which already has 900 million users, just think about that for a second, soak that up, 900 million. I am surprised he hasn’t ran for president of the world yet with a voting system based off a Facebook algorithm for likes and shares.

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