Ford Creates App


Ford creates app to improve productivity

Ford has developed an Android smart phone with a special app designed to ensure that assembly workers take fewer steps.

‘The bottom line is that Ford’s new “Portable Quality Assurance Device” speeds up production.

It takes seven seconds of the process of producing a car and means the worker walks one kilometre less per day.

Here’s how it works: cars will pass the quality check person on the production line. The app on the specially designed Android phone they are carrying on their wrist will call up quality check parameters for each car as it passes. If something has been assembled incorrectly, quality checkers can stop the line.

This is very different from the old system where quality checkers walked up and down the line, inspecting each car against the requirements on a check list written down on a piece of paper.

According to Ford, the PQAD reduces quality check errors by seven per cent.

At the moment, the PQAD is operating at the company’s plant in Valencia, Spain. After assessing it there, Ford plans to roll it out at its other plants around the world.


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