Gasbuddy – the Cheap Fuel App


Australians will now be able to access GasBuddy, a smartphone app that helps them crowdsource cheap fuel through crowdsourcing

GasBuddy, which has been operating in the United States and Canada, works off a simple model: someone goes to a petrol station, keys in the prices for the different grades of unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG fuel and submits them to the GasBuddy data base.

The database gets updated in real time when other users confirm those prices after seeing them, or when they submit updates if prices change.

Every time you add prices, you get points.

Get to a certain level and you become eligible to enter a draw for a $100 fuel voucher.

It has been an enormous success in the US and Canada where its generated 15 million fuel price reports a month.

The plan here is to get the app downloaded by 500,000 Australian motorists within a year.

To get it out, GasBuddy has got Uber on board. The ride sharing service plans to place the app in 50,000 of its vehicles. It’s also looking at spending $36,000 on fuel giveaways to entice motorists to use it.


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