House and land packages – how to quickly save a deposit


It’s the great Aussie dream – owning your own home. But if you want to start turning that dream into a reality, you need a deposit.

Once you’ve found your dream home, you’ll need a deposit. Now before you start freaking out, don’t worry – a deposit doesn’t have to be as hard to save for as you think. We’re not talking $20k. Or even $10k. With Easystart, all  you need to own your own home is just a $3000 deposit!

Here are a few tips to help you start saving.

1.Thrifty friends

If you’re serious about saving money fast, it’s all about changing your lifestyle. Spend more time with thrifty people and not only will you learn heaps of low-cost-living tips you may not have considered, you’ll also spend less money on socialising.


If you’re a smoker, here’s your chance to kick the habit. Cigarettes are expensive – if you smoke one pack of cigarettes each day, you’re spending almost $7000 a year! Quitting can save you money now, as well as help prevent future health costs. Alcohol is another budget-killer too, so try going booze-free for a few months. You’ll save a significant amount of money towards your new home and feel fantastic!

3.Meet the parents 

You’re going to visit your parents this week, right? Yes. Well, you are now. And seeing as you’re going to see them anyway, you may as well make it a catch up over dinner at your parents house. Those meals at mum and dad’s will gradually decrease your shopping bill.

4.Stop with the shampoo

Hairdressers say that most of us are not only washing our hair too often, but also using too much shampoo when we do. Many shampoos and conditioners are concentrated now, so you shouldn’t need to use more than a 20-cent coin amount in your palm per wash. If you’re worried about your locks being oily by washing them less, remember your body will adjust within a week or so and start producing less oil.

5.Loose change jars

Label two clean, empty jars with ‘House Deposit Fund’. Leave one at work and one at home. Men in particular hate collecting lots of loose change – so now you’ve offered them someone to put it! All of those silver coins can add up quickly – it’s an effortless way to save some extra cash.

Now’s the time to start saving!

There has never been a better time to build a new home, with the state government increasing the First Home Owners Grant to $10,000 for those building new!  It’s easy to own your own house and land with Easystart Homes, thanks to their range of affordable home and land packages.

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