IKEA Taiwan’s Food Heating Smart Phones


IKEA Taiwan has come up with the perfect solution for hosts who have their dinner guests tethered to their smart phones.

IKEA has developed a table centred around a hot pot, an Asian culinary tradition.

But when the dinner guests arrive, they discover they can’t whip out their phones to make calls, send texts, check their emails, social media updates or do mini pictorial food shoots for Instagram.

Instead, the table is designed so that the hot pot can only be heated up by their smart phones. In other words, they have to put their smart phones beneath the raised cooking platform.

And this is where it gets complicated. They all have to work together, it requires everyone to put in their smart phone. The more mobile phones being used to heat the hot pot, the warmer the food. To increase the temperature, they have to co-operate.

And extraordinarily, this is the kind of activity that encourages conversation and interaction, which go missing when everyone is on their mobile phone.

It’s the kind of stuff that used to happen in the old days. A clever bit of technology from IKEA Taiwan is bringing that back.


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