Intel Future in the Cloud


With Intel slashing thousands of jobs with its revenues falling on the back of plummeting PC sales, Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich says the company lies in the cloud.
In an editorial, Krzanich says everything will be revolving around the cloud and the company is reinventing itself in that direction.
He says the many “things” that make up the PC Client business and the Internet of Things are made much more valuable by their connection to the cloud.
“Our strategy itself is about transforming Intel from a PC company to a company that powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. We head into that future with tremendous assets and advantages: our spirit of innovation, our technology and manufacturing leadership, and the trust of our customers,’’ Krzanich writes.
As a result, he says Intel will be involved in fostering 5G data access and connecting the Internet of Things made much more valuable by their connection to the cloud.
There will also be a focus on memory and programmable solutions as the company seeks to reinvent itself from a business that was completely dependent on PCs.
“Over the next few years, we will bring many more breakthrough innovations and products to the cloud and data centre infrastructure – revolutionizing the performance and architecture of the data centre,’’ he writes.
.”Even more exciting, each of these technologies has a long roadmap that will allow for growth for years to come.”

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