5 top tips for Landscaping your New Home:


Here’s how to perfectly finish your home-through landscaping!


So, where do you start? 


Before you launch into it, there are some things you should consider. Read our five landscaping tips and you’ll be on track to making your dream home a sight to behold inside and out.


How will you use the home?


Depending if the home is yours to enjoy,or an investment that you will be renting out, consider the best for landscaping for the purpose of your home. If it’s yours, you can be as indulgent as you want, however if you plan on renting it out a low-maintenance landscaping design may be a better fit. This will help determine the type of plants, grasses and feature structures that you wish to incorporate.


Design for the space you have


By all means, dream big – but make sure your yard is big enough to incorporate your lofty landscaping vision! Careful consideration is needed to avoid overcapitalising on furniture, plants and features that simply won’t fit.


Lay the lawn last


The site works that were needed to bring your new home to life can be quite unsightly, making the temptation to call in the lawn companies to add a bit of greenery strong. Try to resist this until the very end, as the trade work required to install walls and paths will likely see new lawn get trampled (costing you twice as much).


Landscape for your surroundings


Don’t fall into the trap of just nice looking plant. They may look nice, but will they survive Perth’s harsh, dry summers and sandy soils? Be sure to choose plants that are suitable to your environment, such as natives or hardy varieties.


Creating an indoor-outdoor flow


Outdoor living has evolved to become an extension of your indoor habitat. So now that you’ve got your new home freshly furnished, think about the colours and shapes you use inside. You can draw inspiration from this to influence your alfresco furniture and style choices to create continuity as you move inside to out.


Before you can bring your landscaping vision to life, you need to build your dream home. Perth home builders, Summit Homes, are the masters in luxury homes. They have an extensive selection of single and double storey new home designs to suit many block types, budgets and lifestyles.

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