New Malware


Here’s a scary new piece of malware: it takes recordings and screen shots of Skype activity and text files and steals the information, including user names and passwords.

According to Palo Alto Networks researchers, the virus called T9000 was originally targeted at companies and high profile individuals but it’s spreading fast because it can work on any computer.

And alarmingly, it’s designed not to be detected. Palo Networks says it checks for popular security software programs and makes itself invisible.

So how to avoid it?

Palo Alto Networks says it’s easy enough to detect when it turns up: it arrives in the file with an .rtf extension which stands for Rich Text Format. That isn’t so common if it turns up, don’t open it.

No one is saying who exactly is behind the T9000 malware.

But theT5000 malware detected in 2014 fooled users into opening emails claiming to contain information about the high-profile disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. And that was linked to a cyber espionage group said to have Chinese government backing.

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