News Corp and Fairfax to Share Print Facilities


In a sign of desperation now hitting the newspaper industry, News Corp and competitor Fairfax are talking about pooling resources and sharing printing works.
Both companies publish competing newspaper titles in the major metropolitan areas of Australia. News Corp publishes Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph which competes with Fairfax’s The Sydney Morning Herald. In Melbourne, News Corp has the Herald Sun which competes with The Age published by Fairfax.
According to Australian Printer magazine, both side are now looking to negotiate a deal.
The magazine says most of the savings would come from merging the regional newspaper distribution channels of News Corp and Fairfax as more titles are distributed in remote areas
It won’t be the first time the two companies have joined forces.
In 2006 Fairfax Media, News Corp Australia, APN News & Media and Seven West Media came together to launch The Newspaper Works, a not for profit industry body promoting cultural and commercial value of newspapers in Australia.
The difference now is that this time it’s business.

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