Optus Pricing Plan for EPL Cops Backlash


Optus has earned the wrath of consumers after announcing its pricing plan for English Premier League coverage.
Optus swooped on the rights to the EPL in November, agreeing to pay $63 million annually, which is believed to be more than double the $20 million a year that Fox Sports was paying.
.The EPL coverage will now only be available to will only be available to Optus customers.
Optus says new and existing customers on home broadband, mobile broadband and post-paid mobile can watch from as little as $15 per month.
But there’s a catch. In order to watch every Premier League game next season, fans will need to be locked in to the Optus network with a current broadband, mobile or Yes TV subscription required to access coverage
There is also a satellite option which will see customers incurring a $250 installation fee. It will cost them $20 per month to watch the EPL but again, they need to have an Optus plan.

The response from the public on Twitter has been scathing.
Some examples:
James Hutchinson ‏@j_hutch
So has anyone asked the ACCC if the Optus-EPL offering meets competition law?

Wes Metcalf ‏@WesMetcalf  If one thing, the @Optus EPL pricing really highlights the value for money you get with @Foxtel. Can’t see Optus doing well out of this.

Athas Zafiris ‏@ArtSapphire
BREAKING: Sunderland, Newcastle fans in Australia praying their club gets relegated from EPL so they don’t have to deal with @optus.

Jason Arnold ‏@obliviousgeek
.@premierleague Have a word to @Optus, they’ve royally screwed over your Australian fans and we’re not happy. #EPL #terriblebusinessdecision

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