Strata, Cyclists and Property Development


Hints and Tips for Building on Strata Lots

You can’t drive though Perth these days without noticing two things, firstly, the increasing  number of cyclists on the road.

and secondly the increasing number of strata subdivision lots being created.

Interestingly the majority of cyclists are not young university students, but a grey-haired lycra crew. These are the same people who were brought up thinking green title was everything and to be wary of strata title lots. If you had asked most of these people 10 years ago if they would purchase a strata lot, or even take up cycling as a sport, you would probably have got a resounding“NO!” for both. Over time people have tried it, liked it and now we are facing a future with more cycle paths and an increasing number of infill lots that are likely to be strata lots.

If you’re looking to purchase land and build in an infill area, there’s a high probability that this will be on a strata lot or will involve a subdivision at some point. 

This is great news for people who want to purchase a lot and build but don’t want to have to move to the outskirts of Perth.
The bad news is that just like our road networks have been developed with little thought for cyclists, the majority of our building industry has developed with a primary focus with building on green title lots in new subdivisions, and has had little thought for strata lots.

One thing that constantly surprises me is the lack of understanding and knowledge around the subdivision process or building infill strata lots. Here are just a few common misunderstandings;

– You need to subdivide your lot before submitting for planning

– It’s best to build one house at a time rather than two

– Services to the lot not addressed

– Access issues for the lot are often not considered

These are all items that are likely to result in expensive additional fees and costs later on down the track if not properly addressed upfront. Worse still, the project may get delayed or won’t get approval, wasting even more money.

By consulting with a builder who specialises in building on strata lots and infill development, you can be confident that they will be familiar with all the costs and considerations that come with strata developments and provide you with a full breakdown of all the costs upfront. They will likely have specialised rear strata floor plans that can be used to save you time and money when building your strata development

If you’re building on a strata lot or considering a strata development anywhere in Perth, you may want to consider talking to a builder that’s a specialist in strata and infill before you head off to a display village.

It’s not just about accurate pricing up front, by talking to a strata development builder first you can also save time and money by taking advantage of their specialist knowledge and experience.


A few little known techniques strata specialists use to save time and money are as follows;

– You can lodge for immediate planning approval, saving up to 9 months’ time through the approvals process waiting for titles to be issued.

– You/your builder can lodge planning for the maximum amount of dwellings the lot will permit and build them immediately without waiting for subdivision approval.

– You can often lodge for a subdivision to green title or survey strata during construction.

– Plans drawn by professional designers in consultation with planning consultants who deal with strata and infill developments on a daily basis, ensures less changes and faster approvals.


If you are in love with your area but not the house you live in, you can take advantage of the government’s plans to start targeting infill as a source of creating new building lots.


Getting a firm understanding of current development trends and future possibilities this will ensure you never underestimate the value of experience when considering building on a strata lot regardless if it’s an investment, development or your own home.

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