Volvo Introduces a Self-Driving Truck for Mining.


Volvo is rolling out a self-driving truck.
It’s not designed for the roads, it’s specifically for the mining industry.
That means its sensors are built to navigate both above and below ground. The sensors and GPS technology continuously read the surroundings, to optimise route and traffic safety.
The truck was developed in partnership with Saab’s wholly-owned company Combitech, an outfit that focuses on technical consulting, mainly for the security and defence industries.
“The Volvo Group has been conducting research into autonomous vehicles for several years and we are delighted to have already developed a solution that we believe will ultimately revolutionise the mining industry,’’ Volvo’s chief technology officer Tobjorn Holmstrom said.
“We expect to be able to significantly increase our customers’ productivity while at the same time improving fuel efficiency and safety.”

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