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People walking along looking at their smart phones and ignoring traffic lights, cars and pedestrians can be dangerous.
So in Germany they’ve come up with a novel idea: traffic lights in the footpath.
The Germans call it “Bompeln” which is an abbreviation of “Boden-Ampeln” (ground traffic lights)

City officials in Augsburg have installed 16 red LEDs, each about the size of a beer mat, built into the pavement next to a tram crossing.

And over in Cologne, they have put it up at three tram crossings.

The lights flash red when a tram is approaching, alerting the pedestrians. When there’s no tram, the LED stays switched off.

In Munich, they have gone even further and fitted dangerous crossings with special beacons that send warnings to smartphones carrying a special app called Watch Out!

It might be perfect for Germany where pedestrians are known to strictly abide by traffic light warnings, even when there are no cars on the road.
“It create a whole new level of attention,’’ Augsburg spokeswoman Stephanie Lermen told Germany’s n-tv.

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